5 Reasons Travel Insurance is Important When Traveling Overseas

Indians today are traveling abroad like never before. Soon, we are expected to give stiff competition to the Chinese when it comes to traveling overseas.

Yet, when it comes to travel insurance, many Indians don’t even give it a thought. Accordingly, the aim of this post is to create awareness about travel insurance.

As you read through, you will realize how vital travel insurance is. You will also see how perilous it is to travel abroad without it!

1. Unpredictability while Traveling Abroad

Just as things can go wrong anytime and anywhere at home in India, the same is true while traveling abroad. As a matter of fact, while traveling, the overall risks increase considerably as opposed to when you are comfortably placed at home.

For instance:

  • You could have a medical emergency while traveling abroad.
  • You could lose your important documents while traveling abroad – including but not limited to the all-important passport.
  • The airline might end up losing, damaging, or delaying your baggage, which may be critical to your travel.
  • There could be theft of your belongings – including all your money and wallet which contained your credit and debit cards, leaving you stranded with no means to access funds.

Thankfully, most of us do not face any such situation while traveling abroad but, unfortunately, these things can and do happen. Travel insurance prepares and secures you for all such contingencies. Without insurance to fall back on, you could rapidly find yourself in a very dire situation.

2. Monetary Compensation

While going abroad, in case of an unpleasant situation, there is simply no reaction time. For instance, if your money is stolen, you need to have access to money pretty much immediately. In addition, no one there is likely to pay heed to your situation regarding not having access to funds.

Likewise, in a medical emergency, you will have to pay the medical bill right away. Again, no excuse regarding the inability to do so will be entertained.

Across all such unpleasant scenarios, travel insurance provides emergency access to funds pretty much immediately. Additionally, where monetary compensation can be provided or bills can be footed, it is done directly, without you having to worry about payment.

3. Peace of Mind

A big advantage of travel insurance is the peace of mind that it offers. The very fact that one is covered in case there is an unfortunate occurrence is indeed really very reassuring.

Otherwise, there is constant concern about something or the other going wrong and how one would handle such a scenario.

Travel Insurance
Let Travel Insurance give you the Peace of Mind you Deserve!

Armed with travel insurance, one can focus on the trip. Insurance allows you to enjoy sightseeing and various other activities, without having to be overly concerned about something going wrong.

4. Travel Insurance Mandated

There are some scenarios where travel insurance is mandated; there is simply no escaping or avoiding travel insurance.

Take the Schengen Visa that allows you to visit a large number of European countries on a single visa as an example; among the many requirements to obtain that visa, travel insurance is a mandatory one. Without that (and various other criteria), a Schengen Visa will not be granted to you.

In such scenarios, insurance is anyway necessitated. Such situations also help us gauge the importance of travel insurance as a whole.

5. Affordable and Tailored Options

Today, with Indians traveling abroad more and more, there are many travel insurance plans available in the market. These include plans customised for the regions that are being traveled to ( South East Asia, Schengen Area, or US/Canada for example). The coverage offered also varies, depending on the benefits that are included.

Thankfully, these plans do not cost a fortune and can be purchased easily without spending a lot of money.


Travel insurance is clearly vital when traveling overseas. As this article has pointed out, it is not at all advisable to travel abroad without it. Insurance is there to help you in the exact moments you need it. When you secure insurance, you can travel with a stress-free mind and enjoy your trip!

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