7 Profitable Side Hustles for Indians to Earn Extra Cash

There could not be a better time to make a list of side hustles for Indians. There are so many awesome opportunities out there today that Indians can capitalize on.

After all, advancements in technology coupled with an increasingly globalized economy have thrown up an entire barrage of opportunities as far as making money on the side is concerned.

Today in India, just like in many “Western” nations, you can make a good amount of money while working part-time. In fact, even while earning as much as a full-time job, these side hustles for Indians would require reasonably less time and effort as compared to a full-time job.

1. Online Freelancing

The Internet has created stupendous opportunities to work independently – at your own pace and on your own terms. Individuals can do this while working for clients all over the globe.

The scope of these jobs is tremendous and continues to rise with each passing day.

Some examples include:

  • Content creation
  • Web design
  • Language translation
  • Programming
  • Consultancy
  • Virtual assistance
  • Research assistance

and much more!

With payouts being in US Dollars and the US Dollar itself touching record highs against the Indian Rupee ($1 = 71 Indian Rupees at the time of writing this piece), there simply could not be a more ideal time to work on such online gigs for extra cash. That is what makes online freelance work one of the best side hustles for Indians.

Where to find such online work?

While platforms for landing such gigs are plenty, we do recommend established players like Upwork, especially given its longstanding legacy.

Yes, getting your foot through the door on these sites is not easy, but once you establish yourself and have a reasonable number of solid reviews that recommend you, there will be no looking back!

2. Cab Driving – One of the Best Side Hustles for Indians

Yes, driving for cab aggregator companies like Ola or Uber can pay off handsomely!

It is really not like a regular job since you can fix your own schedule and drive only when it is convenient for you.

Payments always arrive on time. You can also earn bonuses, depending on factors such as your review score, the number of trips you make, customers that recommend you, and so on.

If ever there was a good time to put your driving skills to use, it has to be now!

3. Elderly Assistance

A great way to earn on the side in a reasonably comfortable way while also providing a much-needed service to society is by offering elderly assistance.

As it is, with the lifespan of Indians increasing significantly – and the country’s population itself being as gargantuan as it is, there is a huge proportion which is elderly.

These people need assistance on various fronts. For many of them, it is simply about someone who can come and spend time with them, perhaps read things out to them or help with various chores.

Gigs like this are often advertised in newspaper classifieds which you can keep an eye on. You can also be proactive by directly approaching old-age homes that are often on the lookout for young and motivated folks who would genuinely like to help out older citizens.

4. Sperm Donation

OK, the movie Vicky Donor comes to mind, doesn’t it?

Well, while the film may have projected sperm donation in a lighter vein, this is actually serious business – with some really serious cash to offer for suitable sperm donors who fit the profile. Since you can also do this when it suits you best, this is one of the more flexible side hustles.

As long as you are healthy and make the cut for sperm donation, you could be rolling in some serious dough, especially if you donate frequently.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is different from online freelancing as you do not work for a client per se. Instead, you look to promote goods and services sold online by others; every sale earns you a commission.

Side Hustles for Indians
Affiliate Marketing for Indians

While having your own website for effective affiliate marketing is highly recommended, it is not a compulsion. In fact, there are many successful affiliate marketers out there who do very well simply by promoting products and services from others on social media.

Among the many possible side hustles for Indians, this proves especially very effective since risks here are minimum; you do not produce goods or services of your own. You simply promote things produced by others and earn a referral fee.

6. Property Brokerage

At a relatively lower level, this can be an ideal option when it comes to side hustles. We say this because if you look to scale up at a higher level, you will have to be involved full-time.

Otherwise, let’s say if you limit yourself to your own neighborhood and keep a lookout on properties that are being sold or rented out, every deal that you take to fruition will yield sizeable commission.

7. Sell Old Used/Unused Items

Sites like OLX have made it really simple to sell old items, whether used or unused, for a good price. If you have furniture lying around unused, you can easily sell it on OLX for a quick buck.

Yes, this may not be a regular activity but if you dive deep, you may find an entire treasure chest of items that can be sold – literally in your own backyard! In fact, some individuals take it even further and buy old items with the intention of reselling them for a profit.


This was a list of 7 great ways Indians can take advantage of profitable side hustles. Though we listed 7 ideas here, there are many other side hustles out there! Be creative! Let us know- which side hustles appeal to you the most?

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