How to Apply for an Allahabad Bank Allbank Suvidha Loan

Looking to make a large purchase? In need of some home repairs? Wanting to consolidate your multiple debts? Whatever the case may be, going for a personal loan is a good option when facing urgent and important expenses. If you’re currently searching for some worthy loans to check out to meet your financial needs, Allahabad Bank Allbank Suvidha Loan comes as a worthy candidate to consider.

From high-borrowing limits, lower interest, to longer repayment terms, there are a ton of perks that come with having this financing option over choosing to go for credit cards. In fact, this option may be able to provide you with more flexibility and some savings as well.

Curious to know what this Allahabad Bank Allbank Suvidha Loan offer could deliver? Continue reading to learn about the perk, rates, and fees that are associated with having this loan.

Allahabad Bank ALLBANK SUVIDHA Loan Application

Allahabad Bank Allbank Suvidha Loan Features

Whether you’re looking for ways to meet your personal or business needs, turning to Allahabad Bank Allbank Suvidha Loan could grant you the funding you need. Specifically designed for individual account holders who need to finance a major purchase or cover unexpected expenses, this loan offer takes pride in its favorable fees and charges, with no maximum limit.

Offering a minimum overdraft loan amount of 10000/-, the program comes as a perfect option for people who want to experience broader financial freedom compared to simply using credit cards.

Allahabad Bank Allbank Suvidha Loan Cons

Sure, while the Allahabad Bank Allbank Suvidha Loan comes as a great deal for individuals who are seeking for an affordable yet reliable loan to pay debts and support other purposes, the program still has its own drawbacks. Perhaps, its main weak point comes from it being a loan that is payable on demand. This means that the borrower must pay the debt whenever the bank asks for it.

Moreover, the loan is also coterminous with the underlying term deposit, as long as the outstanding account extends to the threshold level – that is 95% of the deposit amount, along with accrued interest. With this feature, borrowers are likely to be bounded by more restrictions as both loans will mature on the same date.

Allahabad Bank Allbank Suvidha Loan Application

Interested in applying? You can do so by visiting Allahabad Bank’s official website here. Once you’re there, click on the ‘Personal’ option and choose ‘Loans.’ From there, you’ll be presented with the bank’s full list of personal loan offers. Look for Allbank Suvidha and click on it. To proceed, click ‘Apply Online’ and fill in the form provided.

Allahabad Bank Allbank Suvidha Loan Eligibility

To apply, the Allahabad Bank requires that applicants must be above 18 years of age and an existing individual account holder.

Individual depositors can access overdraft by visiting any of the bank’s branches or accessing their internet banking. However, aside from these, all other joint depositors, are limited to avail overdraft at branches only.

Rates And Charges

Before you proceed with the application, it’s best to know the possible fees and charges that you’ll eventually be subjected to. To start, here are a few important fees you should know.

  • Minimum Overdraft Loan Amount:10000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only).
  • Margin– 10%
  • Processing Fees – NIL

Successful Personal Loan Application

Get In Touch With Allahabad Bank

If you still have inquiries or simply want to clarify some things, you can contact Allahabad Bank at 2242 0863 or message them at

You may also visit their head office at 2, N. S. Road, Kolkata -700 001.

The Bottom Line

In need of cash? Whether it’s for personal or business needs, turning to a reliable loan offer is a worthy option to meet your expenses. To know more about this offer, don’t hesitate to visit the nearest Allahabad Bank in your area today.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a loan. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.