Check Out the CardValet App for Better Financial Security

Although credit card companies and financial institutions are trying their darndest to keep our personal and financial information secure, we are still not 100% safe, and fraudsters can easily steal our identities.

CardValet is a security booster system that can conveniently keep track of your personal information, your spending, your bills, your budget, and online safety. This app helps in giving you peace of mind when making your payments especially online.

CardValet enables you to fight credit and debit card fraud through enabling alerts on your mobile phones, and also helps you to set alert preferences whenever you want. In this review, we take a look at this app in detail.

Check Out the CardValet App for Better Financial Security
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Features Of CardValet And What It Can Do For You

Fraud Protection

This app offers real-time alerts that will keep you aware of whatever is happening with your credit card at all times. It can keep you informed of all transactions from whichever geographical location. It, however, has an on/off switch that can align with your usage. 

This means that when it is off, the card cannot make any withdrawals or purchases, and you must put it back to ON to be able to use it again.

Helps To Control Your Spending

CardValet will make it easy for you to spend on specified limits every day through budgeting. It is a well-established control system that limits and allows transactions to a specific amount each day. This means that when you try to exceed the amount, it will be declined automatically.

Reviews Balances Of Transactions

You can modify your financial preferences and finances at any time from any geographical location by use of the app. You will be able to review your current card transactions and balances. There are specific transactions that will be monitored by the app, such as in-store purchases and online transactions.

Business Transactions

The app can help you control transactions, and it can also be utilized for merchant codes, locations, and transaction types. This also helps to ensure that employees’ spending remains in line with the company’s policies.

Secure Usage 

The app activates signatures and PINs for all transactions, which help to ensure their authenticity and origin. This way, you will always be required to key in the required secure control whenever a transaction needs to go through.

Location-based Control

The My Location feature on the app will restrict usage of the credit/debit card to specific locations, which means that no transaction can go through that is not near your current location. You can restrict this with Zipcode, Zone, City, and even state.

Real-time Balance Inquiries

The app will help you check the balance on your card at all times. You can keep checking daily or as frequently as you wish to, so you can detect any issues immediately, and report them to the credit card company.

Locating ATMs

When you need to withdraw money, the app will help you locate the nearest ATM to you, which makes it easy for you to get cash whenever you want to do so. This is extremely convenient for the cardholders with emergencies.

Mobile Transactions

You can conduct all card-related mobile transactions using the app. In fact, you can even pay for your bills easily in the comfort of your home, and through the alert systems, you will always know which bills are due and when they are due.

Check Out the CardValet App for Better Financial Security
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This app is not only great for the cardholders, but parents can also be able to keep track of their kid’s spending, especially if they have given them credit cards. For businesses, this app will ensure that you stick to your spending policy at all times.  Download it here