Check Out the Clarity Budgeting App: Clarity Money

One of the most complicated things to do as an adult is saving and budgeting money. With the advancement of technology, there are new tools to monitor your income and expenses. 

One of the efficient tools that can help you is the Clarity Budgeting App. This app helps analyze your finances to ensure that you are making smart decisions in handling your money.

You don’t need to be an auditor or accountant when tracking your income and expenses. Read on to learn more information about the Clarity Budgeting App and how it can help in your budgeting scheme.

Check Out the Clarity Budgeting App: Clarity Money
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What Is the Clarity Budgeting App?

The Clarity Budgeting App is an expense tracking and bill negotiating app. Users need to link their financial accounts, such as credit cards,  investments, loans, savings, and checking accounts. 

This budgeting app creates a pie chart out of the figures of the finances you’ve provided, so it can show you if you are already overspending. It is efficient in tracking recurring expenses and subscriptions like Netflix or gym memberships. 

To avoid unwanted drain on the user’s wallet, it helps cancel unused accounts or subscriptions. Clarity Money Savings also allows users to transfer and save money in a non-interest bearing, FDIC insured account. Users can choose how often and how much they want to save. 

Users select how much and how often they want to save. Users are also able to access their free VantageScore credit score from Experian. What’s good about this app is that it’s free to use, and it’s a guarantee that has no fee, fixed-rate personal loans, and high-yield savings accounts.

Benefits of the Clarity Budgeting App

It helps organize your monthly bills with its automated expense tracking, so no need to spend time computing all of your dues, and it helps monitor recurring expenses, so unwanted subscriptions are canceled to save money.

Clarity keeps track of your budget, savings, debt, and investment accounts in just one site so you can stay organized, so you can be aware of your spending habits.

You can transfer money from one account to the other, and the use of the app is free of charge. The app is available to download for both android and IOS users.

How to Use the App For Budgeting

The first step is to go to the website and create an account. Fill in necessary information such as your name, email address, and password. If you want to get started with budgeting, you must have at least one eligible account linked: a credit card, savings, or checking account. 

Step 2

Locate the budgeting tab on the main page, then click “Start a Budget” or “Start Now”.  Input your income and expenses. For your income, including your total monthly take-home pay, income from investments or properties, and retirement benefits. 

Step 3

For your recurring expenses, including mortgage/rent, monthly utility bills, retirement benefits, and payments you make regularly. If you can’t specify all the expenses you make in a month; you can alter the total expenses manually.

Step 4

Set your budget. There is a slider where you can set your weekly budget. The Clarity budgeting app will provide two different amounts, the left per week and the typical weekly spend. 

The left per week is the amount of budget available for you to spend depending on your inputted monthly income and fixed expenses. The other amount is the typical weekly spend is the projection of your weekly spend that excludes your fixed expenses.

Step 5

Check Out the Clarity Budgeting App: Clarity Money
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Customize your budget. To use the budgeting app efficiently, you may customize the categories you would like to track, and you can set the value you would like to spend per category.


Make smart decisions in handling your money. There are different ways to save money and spend wisely through a simple app that you can easily use. Create an account now to track and manage your finances efficiently.