Check Out the Quarters Worth Money – Hold on to These

The quarter for the dollar was first produced in 1796, and it has since seen very many distinct types and subtypes and has been issued for over 2 centuries as circulation money. Quarters, however, have a favorite denomination in the new United States Mint design program.

This has drawn millions of people into coin collecting, and in 1999, the quarter was a canvas for the 50 state Quarters program. In recent times, however, it featured in the American – The Beautiful Quarters, which was a series in 2010.

The quarter has got many excellent rarities, and many coin collectors are busy chasing it down for their sets and albums. Now, like pennies, some of the most valuable quarters can be found in your pocket change.

Check Out the Quarters Worth Money - Hold on to These
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Here Are Some Quarters That Are Actually Worth Money

The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter

This is a small eagle reverse from the early federal-era. It is popular for both the first-year of its issue and its considerable rarity. There were only 6,146 pieces produced of this quarter in 1796, and it is sought after by all collectors. 

The value for this quarter starts at a whopping $10,000.

The 1804 Draped Bust Quarter

This is a heraldic Eagle Reverse quarter that was first issued in 1804. It was a mintage of around 6,738 pieces that were done in that year, and it is extremely scarce in all grades. This quarter is highly circulated, and any grades of it are scarce.

Its value is currently from $3,500 going up.

The 1823 3 Over 2 Bust Quarter

This is an overdate rare quarter that has a mintage of around 17,800 pieces. Only a handful of them have been found, and there aren’t any known capped bust quarters yet. The price for this rare quarter starts at around $20,000.

The 1870 CC Liberty Quarter

This is a Carson City Mint that was originally known by its CC mintmark. It is also one of the most storied coin production of all the branch mints outside of the “Mother Mint,” in Philadelphia. The other mint areas included San Francisco, Denver, and New Orleans.

This particular one had low mintages and operated at the heart of the silver mining country in Nevada. This quarter has a mintage of only 8,340, and currently, its price starts from $10,500.

The 1871 CC Liberty Quarter

This is yet another rare mint issue from Carson City, and it is among the top coins sought out by the Liberty Seated Quarter enthusiasts. There were only 10,890 of them that were minted, and only a fraction of them exist. Its price starts at $7.500.

The 1872 CC Liberty Seater Quarter

Still on the Carson City mint, here is the next version of the CC quarter. There were only 22,800 of the coin that was minted, and they are the fewest right now. It is a sought after coin and retails at around $2,000 when in good condition.

The 1872-S Liberty Seater Quarter

This is an S-mint rare quarter from San Francisco. It is desirable in whichever grade you have it in, and the price starts at around $1,750. 

This rivals the other coins, but it is a rare one to be found. Its mintage was around 83,000, and for coin enthusiasts, this is a good coin to have.

Check Out the Quarters Worth Money - Hold on to These
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So, if you happen to have any of the above coins, now you know how much money you are sitting on. Keep collecting the coins, as their price can only go up, and never down. Especially if you happen to have the scarce ones, you are fortunate.