Check Out These Money Apps for Couples

Talking about money with your partner can be disconcerting, especially when you do not necessarily know how to broach the subject. The subject of money is difficult to talk about in almost any type of relationship.

However, learning how to talk openly about your finances is especially important for couples. You need to be on the same page if you are moving forward as a couple in the long term.

One way you can plan towards your future together and work out your finances between the two of you is by using money apps for couples. These dedicated programs allow you to collaborate and know more about the goals and values that each one has. 

Check Out These Money Apps for Couples

3 Money Apps for Couples to Check Out

Thankfully, there are a wealth of apps available for couples on the market. By taking a look at these various options below, you can see which one fits the bill and helps you move toward your financial goals. 


The very first app designed for two individuals, Twine brings saving and investing easier with its app. It allows couples to choose common goals – such as saving for a wedding or saving for a house – and work towards this together. 

What’s special about this particular offering is that, besides allowing two people to access the app at the same time. 

It gives both parties the chance to contribute and move money from their respective individual accounts and onto a shared account based on your agreed-upon common goal. 

Without requiring the use of other challenging tools and spreadsheets, it makes saving a breeze, what with the automatic saving feature available on the app. Plus, this also comes with recommendations from the app itself.


For couples who like to keep their finances separate, Splitwise may just be the right app for you. A program made to keep track of shared expenses, this app allows you to keep tabs on balances and people who owe you. 

Organizing expenses is easy with Splitwise. It allows you to see what needs to be settled, the remaining balance, and the total amount available. It can even show who lent money to whom. Plus, adding expenses is just as simple as keying in the expense for the day. 

This app makes it easy to manage balances and keeps money out from the center of relationships primarily because it splits expenses whatever way you want it. This also comes with a Pro version where you can get a hold of receipts scanning features and currency conversion at your fingertips. 


Taking on the responsibility of raising the family’s money together? Honeydue makes due dates and finances as transparent as they can be. Free of charge, this app gives you an overview of what each one of you is spending in real-time. 

Unlike other money apps for couples, Honeydue allows for discussion about money to the center and helps create meaningful dialogue about your finances and spending habits. 

Here, you can place and tag individual and joint accounts accordingly. Moreover, you can also make organization simple by categorizing transactions. You can also leave notes for your partner to view.

It also offers bill-pay reminders to give notices or alerts when bills are nearing their due. While this is all about transparency, you can still keep some things private, allowing you to surprise your other half when you need it. 

Check Out These Money Apps for Couples

The Bottom Line

Money apps for couples certainly make for a game-changing landscape, especially when it makes handling finances much easier and comfortable. 

With these useful apps, you can now keep your expenses in check and start your journey towards a successful life together.