Digital Banking: Learn About the Axis Bank ASAP Account

When it comes to savings and getting the most attractive benefits, the Axis Bank ASAP account is definitely a great contender. With personalized services, easy account opening, and free virtual debit card, customers can track their finances and earn interests on savings.

The Axis Bank ASAP account is unlike any other bank account. It features 3x capacity to earn rewards points for every use on the debit card and has exciting offers on dining, entertainment, and travel.

More than the features of the card, this account is all about security and maintaining minimum balance of just Rs. 10,000. Account-holders can enjoy generous discounts, maximum withdrawal limits, and more.

Digital Banking: Learn About the Axis Bank ASAP Account


What Makes the Axis Bank ASAP Account Different?

Unlike other bank accounts with higher maintaining balance and complicated application process, the Axis Bank ASAP Account has attractive rewards and low maintaining balance.

It gives account holders more opportunity to maximize savings, with access to discounts, and other perks.

Additionally, the account provides a virtual debit card to shop online safely. There is no need to use a credit card to buy items online, instead, customers can get a random card number linked to the ASAP account.

Features and Benefits

Most people sign up for the Axis Bank ASAP Account owing to online rewards and merchant discounts. From movie tickets, dining, shopping, and travel, account holders can get the most out of their bank account.

For individuals who are shopping online, the Axis Bank ASAP Account offers more rewards for cash on delivery payments. The online rewards are useful, especially with the ease of shopping, while staying at home.

The daily withdrawal limit is also up to Rs. 50,000, with a purchase limit of Rs. 500,000.

Account-holders also get a complimentary virtual debit card to shop online without worries, as it generates random card numbers linked to the debit account. Moreover, this virtual card can be used to register for the Axis Mobile feature.

After account opening, customers receive the account number immediately and can start using it with initial funding of Rs. 15,000. Interested applicants can also open the Axis ASAP account within a few minutes only using the Aadhaar or PAN information.

The great thing about this account is that customers have to maintain only a minimum of Rs. 10,000 monthly, as the account balance. However, going below that number can result in account closure.

Customers can also choose from the 4,000 branches of Axis Bank across India. With many branches and ATMs available, account holders can easily withdraw cash whenever needed.

How to Sign Up for an Axis Bank ASAP Account

Axis Bank takes pride in instant account application by using PAN data and Aadhaar information.

To begin the journey of being an account holder, interested parties need to use the web portal to apply online. Click on Open Axis ASAP on their website to access the application form.

Once the form is filled, you can submit it online. Axis Bank collects personal information like name, address, contact details, preferred branch, etc. Only eligible applicants can enrol for the ASAP account.

To qualify as an account holder, applicants need to be at above 18 years of age, an Indian citizen, have a valid PAN and Aadhaar number, and have a valid mobile number linked to their Aadhaar.

Fees and Charges

To open an ASAP Savings account, customers need to deposit initial funding between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 92,000. Customers must maintain a minimum balance of Rs 10,000 in urban areas and Rs. 5,000 in semi-urban areas.

The fees on cash deposits and withdrawals above the limits are Rs 5. per Rs. 1,000, or Rs. 150 – whichever is higher. For dispensing cash at non-home branches, customers are charged Rs, 5 per thousand.

The convenience fee for depositing money at cash deposit machines is Rs. 50 per transaction. For international cash withdrawal, the charge is Rs. 125 per transaction, while international balance inquiry costs Rs. 25.

Digital Banking: Learn About the Axis Bank ASAP Account



Having the Axis Bank ASAP Account is rewarding, as account holders can access a myriad of promotions and discounts when using the virtual debit card. Moreover, the application process is also easy.

You can consider opening an ASAP Account to get your hands on the multiple perks, and benefits of the account.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and having a savings account. Please see the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.