Discover the Best Charities to Donate Money to for Tax Write-Offs

With the holidays just around the corner, many people are finding it in their hearts (and wallets) to give more to those in need. After all, it is the season of giving. What better way to kickstart the festivities than by giving back to some of the best charities?

Many individuals donate to charity not only to extend help to people in need but also to help maximize tax breaks and savings – and for good reasons. Besides giving your taxes a much-needed break, these can greatly reduce your taxable income since these qualify for charitable contributions. 

Want to hit two birds with one stone? Make sure you take the time to donate money to organizations and charities you feel connected to. While there’s certainly more than receiving tax write-offs, it doesn’t hurt that you benefit from this as well. Check out these organizations today.

Discover the Best Charities to Donate Money to for Tax Write-Offs

Charities You Should Consider Donating To

World Central Kitchen

Wold Central Kitchen has been pivotal in helping the hungry have food since 2010. It has provided over 250,000 meals every single day to those in need in numerous cities around the globe. 

Now that the world is experiencing a global pandemic, World Kitchen Central remains one of the strongest forces in the field. Apart from keeping its doors open for emergency food relief, it has constantly upheld its promise to address disasters and poverty alike. 

The organization has also partnered with restaurants in attempts to keep these businesses afloat during this pandemic. Furthermore, it has started to expand its horizons by responding to disasters as well as create programs that promote food resiliency and local talent.

Relief International

A nonprofit organization, Relief International currently operates in 16 countries around the globe. This charity aims to provide and extend a variety of solutions for individuals living in fragile and impoverished settings. 

From addressing chronic poverty, natural disasters to conflict, Relief International ensures that they provide access to four holistic areas. These include access to quality healthcare, economic opportunities, education, and access to clean water and sanitation. 

This pandemic, it has expanded its operations to accommodate isolation and treatment centers in refugee camps for the COVID-19 virus patients. A donation to this charity will help you give clean drinking water to where it’s needed, as well as help effect change in healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. 

Scholarship America

Many people dream of going to school in the United States, but the high costs of education and colleges in the country hinder many from achieving this dream. Scholarship America makes this dream a reality for many individuals. 

If you believe that everyone has the right to quality education, this is the best choice for you. Not only does this organization dedicate 96% of its funding for scholarships, but it also provides donors with the chance to partner with them and create customized scholarships for students.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention to the underserved LGBTQ youth of today. It also continues to lend access to counseling and education 24/7 via its hotline, tech, and online platforms. 

Apart from these initiatives, this project also ensures that LGBTQ youth are equipped to come out safely. They also extend services and training programs to schools and campuses alike that center on suicide prevention, making mental health a priority wherever they go. 

All Hands and Hearts Smart Response

A nonprofit organization, All Hands and Smart Response, focuses on addressing and alleviating the effects of natural disasters around the world. This charity not only helps rebuilds safe and resilient schools, but it also rebuilds infrastructure to uplift the community.

Discover the Best Charities to Donate Money to for Tax Write-Offs

The Bottom Line

Charitable giving is a great way of providing help to certain communities. Besides fostering a deeper connection with these causes, you also experience a wealth of benefits, including tax write-offs, that will further enrich your life.