How to Smartly Retire as a Crorepati by Age 50

Movies and a barrage of other media have created illusions that becoming a ‘Crorepati’ is something that is largely out of the reach of most of us. Considering the overall populace of India, most of which lies well below the poverty line, this remains fundamentally true.

Yet, for a lot of us, this might not be the case. In fact, with some relatively small and intuitive steps, you can, in fact, aim to retire by age 50 as a Crorepati!

Below we share some pointers towards reaching that goal.

Start Saving and Investing Early

A fundamental and universal truth to wealth accumulation at a later stage in life is to start saving and investing early on in life. While there is no hard and fast rule as to when you should start doing so, take it from us, ‘the sooner the better’.

So, for instance, if you start your professional, working life at age 25, your priority to save and invest should also start right away. In case you have already started earning money previously, then you should start building a nest egg from then on.

Essentially, the sooner you start and build a base, you closer you will get to that goal of having at least a Crore or more by the time you are 50.

This has a lot to do with the aspect of compounding; as you keep on adding more money to already invested sums, the entire amount multiplies itself significantly. Over time, this happens to an extent where building a reasonable nest egg early on becomes a whole lot easier.

Diversify your Sources of Income

Relying on just about one source of income is one of the major perils for which most folks do not get anywhere close to significant wealth accumulation in their lives.

Even if you are in a job, you should always look to diversify your sources of income and multiply them as much as possible. For instance, you could channel the income received from your job towards creating a property. Once that is created, you could receive rental income from it on an ongoing basis.

Value your Time

There are few goals in life that are achieved without making sacrifices. In this case, you will really have to value your time and sacrifice on a lot of leisurely activities in order to pursue your goal of becoming a Crorepati by the age of 50.

To give you an example, let’s say your job leaves you with the weekend to enjoy thoroughly at your complete leisure. Now, frittering away this time towards leisurely activities might just take you away from your ‘Crorepati’ goal.

Instead, you could use this time towards revenue generation activity. For instance, you could consider tapping into diverse income generation opportunities that are readily available on the Internet. As an example, there is a site called Upwork that has a plethora of freelance work available on it. Working online alone, you could build a sizable additional income.

Crorepati India by 50
You don’t have to wait for a one-in-a-million opportunity to get onto ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ to become a Crorepati when you can actually do so on your own!

Learn and Unlearn Constantly

A fundamental constant of life is change. Skills, for instance, which were relevant 5 or 10 years ago, may no longer be relevant today. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you constantly learn and unlearn skills.

Take the case of just about any mega-successful person; if we take wealth to be the primary benchmark of success, people like Jeff Bezos of Amazon or Bill Gates of Microsoft have constantly reinvented themselves to be up to speed with consumer demands. It is when those demands are met that these individuals have, in turn, managed to generate enormous wealth for themselves too.


Relatively simplistic steps and initiatives at your end can actually go a long way in ensuring that you manage to retire as a ‘Crorepati’ by age 50. However, none of these steps will have immediate effects or help you ‘get rich quick’. This article is about things to continually practice throughout your life so you can build wealth.

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