Organize your Gmail Inbox to Keep Track of Financial Information

Emails have become a standard mode of communication, with Gmail taking the lead. These messages are used within or between organizations and from businesses to customers. Banking and finance services use emails as a way to notify, document, and communicate matters. 

Usually, any update regarding your financial account, confirmed transactions, and policy changes are communicated through email. Those who like staying on top of any changes in their bank and financial accounts make it a point to check their emails regularly

If you are using your primary email address to sign up for such accounts, your finance-related emails could get drowned under a lot of messages from other parties. Because of this, you want to make sure that you organize your Gmail to keep track of financial information. Learn how to do this below.

Organize your Gmail Inbox to Keep Track of Financial Information

4 Key Tips to Organizing Your Gmail Inbox  

Change Your Inbox Type 

As a default, Gmail shows you messages in chronological order every time you open your inbox, starting from the latest one. This can be optimal for some people, especially if they intend to address each unread mail. 

However, if your main goal is to rearrange your inbox so that your payment information never gets lost, you might want to change the inbox type to one that works best for you. You can sort your emails by important, unread, starred, and priority first.  

When you choose to see important emails at the top, you will be given ones that Gmail deemed more urgent using its own algorithm. On the other hand, going by unread lets you see those you have not opened, while starred gives you ones that you have starred, specifically. 

By choosing to see your priority inbox, the service will analyze messages that you engage with the most and will show them at the top.  

Categorize Your Emails

Aside from changing your inbox type, one of the most effective ways to keep track of your finance-related emails in you Gmail inbox is to categorize them. This will sort out your messages and place them into the proper tabs. 

There are four categories made available by Google. This includes Primary, Social, Updates, Forums and Promotions. Usually, financial messages are placed in updates. However, keep in mind that if you star items, you can choose to make them appear in Primary. 

You can choose which tabs will appear in your inbox by clicking on the three vertical dots, then selecting settings. Go to the Inbox tab and you will see checkboxes that you can check and uncheck to enable the corresponding tab. 

Use Labels 

Another way to make sure you find payment information is to use Labels. You can create your own labels, unlike categories. To do so, simply go to the navigation pane at the left side, then scroll down to find the create new label option.  

This will open a pop-up, which will ask you for a label name and will give you the option to nest it under an existing one. Once you are done with this, you can navigate to each email and click on the tag icon, which will give you the option to choose what label to attach. 

You can manage your labels by clicking on the manage label option in the navigation pane or by going to settings and clicking on the labels tab. 

Set Up Filters 

The most effective way to use labels is to combine it with filters. Just go to a finance-related mail and click on the three vertical dots, then select filter messages. You will be given a form to fill out, detailing the conditions of the filter. 

Simply put the official email address of bank and finance-related services. You can also enter words such as “payment” and “transaction.” When you click on the create filter button, you can choose to apply the right label.  

You can also elect to mark it as important and to place it in a category tab. However, you can mass apply this setting to other emails by clicking the search icon before creating the filter. This will show you similar emails, which you can then select and apply filters on. 


Organize your Gmail Inbox to Keep Track of Financial Information

The Bottom Line

Managing your Gmail inbox can be overwhelming. Because of this, you want to make sure that you know how to organize it according to your needs. With these financial-related tips, you can keep track of your payment information without hassle