Pros and Cons of the IndianOil Citibank Credit Card

Petrol prices continue to increase every so often. With individuals needing to get from point A to point B, loading up your car with fuel is a necessity. Thankfully, IndianOil Citibank credit cards can provide savings and earning potential at the pump for its users.

IndianOil’s partnership with Citibank brings two offerings under its belt. These are the IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card and the IndianOil Citi Titanium Credit Card. Both of these Visa-powered cards give individuals maximum savings on every refueling, as well as the chance to earn points on purchases with every use.

Are you interested in getting these exclusive perks? If you are, make sure to check out what the IndianOil Citibank credit card can offer. Take a look below.

IndianOil Platinum Credit Card

Features and Benefits

There are two types of IndianOil Citibank credit cards. Although both cards give numerous benefits and offerings, they slightly differ from one another.

The IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card and the IndianOil Citi Titanium Credit Card both allow cardholders to earn four Turbo Points for every Rs. 150 spent on IndianOil Retail Outlets in the country. Two Turbo Points will be awarded to individuals who spend a minimum of Rs. 150 at supermarkets and groceries. Meanwhile, one Turbo Point will be rewarded for every Rs. 150 spent elsewhere.

Under the Flexible Rewards Redemption Program, cardholders may use their Turbo Points to redeem free fuel at more than 1,200 IndianOil outlets nationwide. One Turbo Point is equivalent to one Rupee of free petrol. Redemption may be done via SMS or online. Apart from fuel, cardholders may also redeem gift vouchers for select major brands.

Limited-Time Promos

As part of their limited-time offering, applicants who will apply for an IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card will get Rs. 1,000 cashback. In addition, new users will also gain Turbo Points equivalent to Rs. 250 upon card activation. Lastly, individuals will also gain the chance to get additional points for spending Rs. 3,650.

Advantages of an IndianOil Citibank Credit Card

What’s great about the IndianOil Citibank credit card offerings is that these cover the cost of your fuel surcharge for up to 1% of all your fuel purchases. Apart from this, you are also privy to earning Turbo Points each time you make a transaction. Turbo Points redemption may be made via any authorized outlet or online.

Besides earning points and redeeming rewards, cardholders are also entitled to get up to 71 litres of free fuel every year. On top of this, individuals may get their annual fees waived when they spend a total of Rs. 30,000 on their card.

In partnership with Citibank, cardholders are given year-long benefits to enjoy. These include up to 15% off on dining experiences and exclusive dining privileges. EMI Privileges and personal concierge services are also available for almost all needs.

Disadvantages of an IndianOil Citibank Credit Card

The downside to these IndianOil Citibank credit cards is that they require a minimum expenditure of at least Rs. 30,000 on the card. Cardholders who fail to maintain or reach this amount will be required to pay the annual card fee of Rs. 1,000.

How to Apply

Applying for an IndianOil Citibank credit card may be done online through their website. This requires you to disclose your personal data such as your PAN card number, your name, date of birth, address, marital status, and CKYC/KIN identification if available. Professional details such as your profession and salary information will also be requested.

Should your application be approved, you will get a minimum credit limit that depends on your income. Your credit score, as well as repayment capabilities, will also be factored in. The minimum credit limit starts at Rs. 1000.

Fees and Charges

  • Annual Fee – Rs. 1000; waived if cardholder reaches a minimum of Rs. 30,000 spending
  • Interest Rate – 39% per annum (3.25% per month)
  • Cash Advance Fee – 2.5% of the amount withdrawn (minimum of Rs. 500)

IndianOil CitiBank Credit Card Application

Bank Address and Contact Details

Individuals who wish to contact Citibank may do so via phone. The banking institution may be reached at +91 22 4955 2484. You may also reach them via regular mail at Citibank, N.A., PO Box 4830, Anna Road Post Office, Chennai 600 002, Tamil Nadu, India or via registered mail at Citibank N.A., Mail Room, ACROPOLIS, 9th Floor, New Door No.148 (Old No.68), Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.

You may also visit their main office located at First International Financial Centre (FIFC), 9th Floor, C-54 & 55, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai 400 051, India. The head office’s number is +91 22 6175 9999.


The IndianOil Citibank credit card provides a wide range of benefits for users. From points to free fuel, this card is geared towards individuals aiming at saving money every time they refuel and make transactions. For more information, feel free to visit the Citibank’s website today.


Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.