Pros And Cons Of The Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card

Syndicate Bank is India’s premier and oldest commercial bank. It offers a host of banking products for ordinary citizens and businesses, including loans, deposits, and credit cards. Speaking of cards, the bank boasts of the Global Credit Card that comes in three variants: Classic, Gold, and Rupay Select Cards.

Just like any other credit card, the Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card offers purchasing and cash withdrawal features. With Visa as the payment partner, cardholders can enjoy worldwide payment acceptance. The best part is the zero joining or annual fees for life.

Interested in this credit card? Continue reading to find out if the Global Credit Card is best for you. Let’s delve deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of owning this card.

Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card, Pros and Cons

Features Of The Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card

If you are looking for a card that can help you earn rewards points, the Global Credit Card is a good choice. For every Rs 400 spent on the card, cardholders earn one reward point. You can collect these points to get merchant discounts.

Short on cash? Use the Syndicate Bank ATMs in India and Visa ATMs abroad to get cash. It is a good feature that certainly comes in handy, especially if you are outside India. However, you may not need to carry cash because you can always use the card for payments or simply withdraw from ATMs if you need to.

Another reason to get this credit card is the long interest-free period of up to 50 days. This period gives users enough time to settle the bill without earning interest on purchases made using the credit card.

The Downside Of The Global Bank Credit Card

Considering the features, the Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card is not bad. However, if you look closer to the fees associated with the card, you can weigh the pros and cons.

For instance, withdrawing cash from the ATM will cost you 1.20 Lakhs per withdrawal in India and 25 Lakhs abroad. Additionally, the required purchasing amount for earning a reward point is higher, compared to other credit cards like the HDFC Regalia Credit Card that only requires Rs 150 for earning four reward points.

Moving on, the Global Bank Credit Card also lacks travel perks like complimentary access to airport lounges or travel concierge. Finally, the card is issued for five-year use and a renewal fee is levied every year in advance to the anniversary of the month of issue.

Fees And Charges

The charges for the Global Bank Credit Card largely depend on the type of card, whether Gold or Classic. For the classic, you are looking at a 2.50% interest rate and cash advance charge monthly. Other fees include a renewal fee of Rs 300 for the primary card and Rs 150 for any supplementary cards. In addition there is a fee of Rs 200 for the late payment and Rs 100 for going over the limit usage.

For the gold card, the renewal fee for the primary card is Rs 500 and Rs 250 for the supplementary card. All other charges mentioned for the classic card is the same for the gold variant.

Is It Worth It?

If you won’t use the card to withdraw cash abroad, the Global Bank Credit Card is a good card. However, if you are a frequent traveler and need access to zero-foreign transactions, this credit card isn’t for you. Every withdrawal will cost you a lot of money and you only earn one reward point for every Rs 400 spent on the card.

Eligibility And Documentation

To qualify as a cardholder, you need to be at least 21 years old, a legal resident of India, employed and earning a minimum of Rs 60,000 for the classic card and Rs 150,000 for the gold card.

Additional requirements include having an active account at the Syndicate Bank for a minimum of six months from the issuing date and a permanent account number (PAN) issued by the Income Tax Department of India.

Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card Application

How To Apply

To apply for this credit card, you can visit any Syndicate Bank branches across the country. Be sure to bring supporting documents like proof of residence, salary slips, copy of your PAN Card, and identification cards such as a passport.

Syndicate Bank’s main office is located at #69, 9th Main Road, 3rd Block Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karmataka, India. You may also reach the bank through the hotlines 1800-225-092 or 080-2663-9966 to 68.


Overall, the Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card is a decent card to have for salaried people. This is best used for shopping, groceries, fuel, and dining within India. For more information, visit the website of Syndicate Bank.

*Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the banks Terms and Conditions page for more information.