The Best Finance Tools for Mobile Phones

The thing about money is, it easily slips away when you’re not paying attention. Thinking you have a job and regular income, saving or investment may be a foreign idea. However, these elements are what make you feel secured for your future or when you retire. 

Luckily, there are tools available to better manage money. Most of these tools are mobile applications that you can download for free. Helpful features include tracking expenses, bank accounts, and providing an effective budgeting format for users. 

In case you’re looking for functional finance tools for mobile phones, here are some of the best apps to download. These will boost your capacity to earn, save, invest, and become financially secure. Read on to find out more information. 

The Best Finance Tools for Mobile Phones

You Need a Budget

One of the best tools to use is this app called You Need a Budget or YNAB. It has a clean and organized interface, allowing you to properly manage your budget. With clear reports, you can track where the money goes, and encourage you to save money. 

In addition, users can indicate a goal, add notes on the budget, and pin some expenses. There’s even a function to add categories, calculate using the app’s calculator, and get information on a quick budget. It’s pretty easy to use and is available on both Android and iOS devices for free. 


Considered the best personal finance app, Mint is a digital money tracker, investment portfolio, credit cards, in one. It keeps all your money and investment in a safe place, allowing for easier management and tracking. 

Here, users can enter or link their accounts, so you can easily find out the current balance, leads, and gains. Users can also enter transactions on the application, categorize, and get an easy balance on the right side. 

In case you’re going to have other projects like home improvement, you can easily create an entry for that one. Using the app is easy and hassle-free, you don’t experience any complication. 

Toshl Finance

Just like other finance tools for mobile phones, the Toshl Finance app provides a list of interesting features to manage money better. With fun animation and characters, you can find it pleasing to use. 

What’s best, this app lets you sync data to other connected devices. This way, wherever you go, it’s easy to navigate through the app and make updates on the entries. Just like Mint, you can also link your bank accounts here for easy management. 

Clarity Money

For an all-inclusive budgeting tool, Clarity Money is a good mobile application to download. In addition to spending and organizing accounts, it also helps you to track subscriptions for easy cancellation in case you want to save money. 

The best thing about this is the credit score monitoring feature, helping you get a picture of what your financial portfolio looks like. It provides an inclusive glimpse of how transactions are affecting your score, and if you’re doing great yourself. 


The Best Finance Tools for Mobile Phones

For simplifying the flow of cash, personalizing a plan, and developing mindful spending, the Simplifi application is a good choice. Although it’s paid, users can track financial goals effectively, with organized features to track money and expenses. 

This app has a 30-day trial so you can get a feel of what it’s about. The $35.99 per year is worth it because you can reach your goal. By entering a specific goal, say spending only a fraction of your income, you can save tons of money. 


Getting finance tools for mobile phones helps you to stay grounded, tracks your money, and develops habits that lead to a financially secured future. 

Being mindful of your savings and expenses is key to preventing overspending. Download and install the mentioned apps to make budgeting, saving, and investing breezy.