Use the Google Money Converter when Using Foreign Currencies

These days, when you have an internet connection, you can find significant information using your phone, computer, or tablet. In case you need to know the real-time currency rates and the conversion of different currencies, you can simply go to Google to get answers. 

Thanks to Google Money Converter, you can easily compare conversion rates in real-time. You simply need to choose the type of currency you wish to convert to and get the result immediately. Morningstar provides the data for Currency and Coinbase for Cryptocurrency. 

Do you want to know how to use the money converter? The Google converter is easy to use and you don’t need to sign up for anything to access it. Read on to find out how to use Google Money Converter and more. 

Use the Google Money Converter when Using Foreign Currencies

Features of Google Money Converter

The best thing about Google Money Converter is, you simply type in convert currency and the app automatically shows the results page. You can use it for free and get accurate conversions. This app lets you set the fields, so you can convert Indian rupees to US dollars, yen, pesos, and others. 

The list of currencies is provided and users only need to look for the currency they want. A field for numbers is also provided, making it easier to convert your bills to a different currency. For instance, if you type in 200 USD and want to convert it to Rupee, the result is available instantly. 

In addition to converting currencies, you can also get access to the historic rate charts and graphs, starting from day one to five years. This information is useful for traders to know whether the value of the currency is increasing over the years. 

Moreover, Google Money Converter doesn’t have ads, so users can enjoy hassle-free currency conversion without any pop-ups. The simple design makes it easier for anyone to utilize the app for free. 

How to Use Google Money Converter

As mentioned, using this app is easy and you only need an internet connection to access the Money Converter. Follow these steps to use the app.

  1. Open Google Chrome or any other browser.
  2. Type to use the Google browser.
  3. Search for keywords Convert Currency.
  4. Fill out the field with currency to convert.
  5. Get the result easily.

Note: If you’re looking for a specific currency, you can simply type the first letter of the word. This will enable easy searching, unlike manually scrolling through the list. 

Users can also access the historic rate chart on the side and choose from 1D, 5D, 1M, 1Y, 5Y, and Max. The dates are indicated for easy reference, plus the chart showcases the movements of the currency throughout the years

Other Counterparts

Google Money Converter isn’t perfect and lacks other integral functions like converting multiple currencies at once. There are alternative apps to use in case you want to convert and compare currencies. 


Another user-friendly app to use is AccuRate. It supports multiple currency conversion and has a built-in calculator for ease of use. All conversions use the live exchange, so the results are highly accurate, just like Google Money Converter.

The only downside of AccuRate is, users need to download it to utilize the functions. With Google Money Converter, you simply need to use the browser to access the money converter function. 

Currency Converter for Chrome

If you’re after convenience, the Currency Converter extension is available for the Google Chrome browser. By adding this extension, you can easily calculate currencies and access real-time exchange rates. 

The extension is useful for planning trips, as well as trading in the forex market and the stock exchange. The tool provides value when buying and selling, which is an advanced function. Additionally, the extension is completely free and has no ads

XE Currency Converter

Visit the website of XE Currency Converter if you want to convert different currencies and use other tools such as rate alerts and a travel expense calculator. Aside from the web version, you can also download the app for ease of use, whenever you are in the world. 

Use the Google Money Converter when Using Foreign Currencies


Using Google Money Converter makes it easier to compare currencies and to convert one to another. This is a free tool to use whenever you need to know the exchange rates as well as find out the value of each currency.